• Spreading and building up entrepreneurial culture among young generation & students 
  • Providing a clear path from idea to implementation & advisory 
  • Providing a clear definition & help for ideas gathering & development (where to get ideas, how and where to research, check it, improve it) 
  • Clear definition & help for team building & marketing & implementation & legal nuances 
  • Creating a trustful environment for easy embodiment of the innovation ideas. 
  • Creating an environment for searching new friends, command and investors. 
  • Creating an environment of young Warsaw entrepreneurship ecosystem. 
  • Creating an environment for inspiring new people. 
  • Creating an environment for building up yourself & your brand.


  •  We teach how to inculcate an innovation. 
  •  Teach how to make your personal brand and sell your idea. 
  •  We cooperate with START on Europe that extends contacts outside Poland. 
  •  We travel. 
  •  We teach and support. 
  •  We open innovation to people. 
  •  We are outside the box.

You can get unimaginable experience, friends and rising value of yourself being part of START Warsaw.

How we do all of that:

  • Online platform for ideas declaration & discussion & team building among ideas, using blockchain technology (in progress to start)
  • Clear path & online learning materials (tutorial & requirements) about ideas for the business -> their evolment and implementation. Real usecases and pathes with online progress and community audit. 
  • Clear step by step path definition for all projects & support on the platform.
  • Community of entrepreneurs with free advising possibilities
  • Legal help & advisory definition
  • Community knowledge sharing events
  • Workshops
  • Startups history database with failures and successes, analysis and insights to the data. Ready models for execution for active community members.
  • Startups aggregation (including those failed) with all the data management and community view
  • Contacts database (who knows what, kinda linkedin, but with people willing to collaborate inside SW community) -> need to develop data model required and sign off template for such members (agreement)

Our approach & values for new businesses:

  • · There are no bad business ideas, all ideas need to be tried and verified
  • · Business should evolve and change all the time to fit the customers’ needs 
  • · If you see a need (someone can pay for the product of your choice), you need to start it. If you don’t see the need doesn’t mean others don’t have it. You can always create a need as well. 
  • · Quality is important. If quality is not good marketing is important. Quality with marketing will give you a boost.
  • · Good team & people & advisory & execution is the most important part of project success
  • · We believe if you’re not earning the money doesn’t mean you’re not good business, it may be just not the right time for it at the moment
  • · Sharing & collaboration is a huge progress pusher

Questions to be answered:

I’m a student and I want to start a business. Where & how can I find an idea and inspiration for that? What should I know & learn & do at the very beginning.

What are the current trends & future technologies that are promising

Is it possible to predict the success of the business? No? but some research & trials and errors should be made with least losses in money and resources

I have an idea for business which inspires me. How can I develop it? What should I do? Where can I get help and how can I boost my project?

I was trying to do some businesses but they’ve failed. Can I share my data & experience to the community? Can I ask for feedback and analysis? Can somebody try it again with me(or without) with minor modifications?

I’ve started my startup but see no positive feedback from investors and no growth. What should I do?

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