START Warsaw recruitment 2018

Join the START Warsaw Team & Be a part of the International START Network.
Take part in organizing events and international trips for students and startups in Poland!

Join START Warsaw a student run organization which aims to foster the startup
ecosystem in Warsaw and CEE. Become a part of the START Network along with START
St.Gallen, START Berlin, START Munich, START Lausanne, START Liechtenstein and
START Nuernberg, fostered by START Global - Europe's leading initiative for
entrepreneurship and technology among students.
START Warsaw organises events in Warsaw as well as yearly trips to the START Summit in
ST.Gallen. This is thanks to an amazing team which builds the projects from start to finish, we
are happy to announce that we are looking for new team members who would like to make their
own impact and become a part of the START Family!
We have 6 positions currently available, if you are interested in meeting us to further discuss
details and benefits of your role in the START Team please send us an email ( contact@start- ),with your CV, a short description and the position you are interested in. If you
would like to join the organisation but don't think any of the current positions are suitable for you
feel free to send an unsolicited application :)
We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

Project Leader

We are looking for candidates willing to undertake a wide range of duties, such as coordination
of the team, hosting internal events and being in contact with the START Network in ST Gallen.

Designer (Primarily Graphic)

We are looking for creative designer who will be able to independently design graphics for
marketing materials such a banners, posters logos etc. Additional interest in photography and
filming would be great!

Website Designer & IT

A candidate who would create the look, layout, and features of a website, involving the maintenance
and additions to the website. The candidate should be willing to work with the marketing and design
team as well as be in touch with the IT team in the START Network.

Sponsors and Partnerships

We are looking for candidates who would be in charge of creating new partnerships and
obtaining sponsors for trips and events, the candidate would also be in charge on maintaining
relationships with currents partners.

Event & Trip Coordinator

We are looking for a candidate who will be able to organise and coordinate events and trips, this

would include coordination of the location, bus trips( possibly flights), hosting, catering and

Drop us an email at or contact us on our website/social media pages.

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